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Profitable day traders make up a small proportion of all traders. Only 1.6% in the average year are profitable.

The problem is becoming one of those profitable traders.

From: Ali – Million Moves Founder

What holds us back from becoming a profitable trader? You spend hours and hours searching to find the best tradingview indicator.. You test different strategies.. You then think you have the ultimative entry setup .. Only to find out that it goes the other way around..

If you followed my emails you know my story, I was in this crappy situation after the big loss and had no idea how to come out of it..

That’s why I developed the Million Moves indicators, with a team of expert coders and analysts. I wanted to become a profitable trader and share it with like-minded people.

Not only I was being able to get more consistent with my trades, but also, I could spot entry and exit points easily and with less emotions. It improved my trading and boosted up my overall profits.

And the best? You can use the exact same indicators and become part of our growing discord community with like minded people. Get your access today.

One Membership. Unlimited Possibilities.

Buy/Sell Signals

Know when to buy and when to sell. Million Moves Algo makes it easy.


The build-in dashboard is one of its kind. Get a quick overview over the market.

Auto SL/TP

Million Moves Algo shows you automatic stop-loss and take-profit zones.

Adjust Settings

Toggle on/off your favorite features. Adjust the sensitivity and elevate your trading!

Trend Ribbon

The trend ribbon confirms the buy/sell signals, to take safer entries.


Get stronger confirmations. Red for sell, green for buy and purple to avoid an entry.

Discord VIP

Get access to secret strategies, the VIP-chat and the optimal indicator settings.

Discord Live Alerts

Premium members get live alerts on discord for crypto, forex and indices.

Discord Support

Enjoy high priority support. No questions will be leaved unanswered.

Everything is included in your membership.


Get Clear Buy and Sell Signals

It's easy to spot find a profitable trade with the Million Moves Algo. In this example we'll show you how you can use the Algo to your benefit.

1. Wait for a Buy or Sell Signal

2. Open the trade with your broker

Follow your own signals with Million Moves.


Move Your Trading to The Next Level

Join the Million Moves Team and get Access to 5 Powerful Indicators:

Million Moves Algo

Great for beginners and as an additional confirmation tool for experienced traders. The Million Moves Algo gives clear buy and sell signals. Adjust the sensitivity to your preference or select a preset and you are ready to go!


The CleanScalper works as an additional confirmation for the Algo or as a standalone tool. The most unique part of it is, that it shows you “no-entry” areas. A buy or sell signal only occurs when it turns red or green. Purple means wait. The second important part is, that it shows you overbought and oversold areas.

Smooth RSI Divergence

The Smooth RSI Divergence shows you divergences in the chart without having to mark them up manually. It recognizes all 4 types of divergences and shows them instantly in the bottom indicator.

RealOne TSI

The RealOne TSI is an optimized TSI and is for advanced traders. It’s mostly used to spot divergences manually on the chart. This is one more tool that contributes to your perfect trading setup.

Channel Breakout

The Channel Breakout shows you relevant support and resistance areas which is based on a secret calculation method. The most popular strategy is on the 15-minute timeframe. Mostly when the price breaks through the channels it generates an entry signal and you can ride the breakout.


Frequently asked questions.

Once you have decided on a plan, you will have access to all Million Moves indicators within 8 hours. You can find these in your Tradingview account under “invite-only” scripts. You don’t necessarily need a Tradingview plan, our indicators also work with the free Tradingview plan.

In addition, you get access to our VIP members area on our discord server. you will also receive the link via email. get ideas for your chart analyses, new strategies, and settings from other members in the VIP area.

The Million Moves Algo indicator is reliable with lower and higher timeframes. Like 3-minutes, 5-minutes, 15-minutes, 4 hours, daily, and even on the weekly chart. Just adjust your sensitivity in the settings of the indicator and you are all set up.

No. All our indicators are non-repainting. They will never change the signal after the candle is closed.

Yes, because it shows you exactly where the trend is at the moment. Often beginners make the mistake of entering against the trend. The Algo helps you to stay with the trend. You can find tutorials in our discord group and in case you need help our support will always be there for you.

Our monthly plan starts at $57.95 and you can even save up to $195 in total with the annual plan.