"Simplify Trading with
Million Moves
Make Trends Visible And Become Confident With Your Trading..."

"Simplify Trading with
Million Moves

Make Trends Visible And Become Confident With Your Trading..."

(Without Having To Rely On Gurus Or Experts!)

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So Why, Million Moves Algo?

It's A Buy and Sell Indicator That's Made For Day Traders.

Trading Evolution: Witness the Power of Million Moves Indicators - Before and After!

Before After

One Membership. Unlimited Possibilities.

Million Moves Algo

Our flagship with a lot of custom settings and the popular Smart Signals.

Range Maniac

See reversals in the market in live time. Combine it with the Million Moves Algo or use it as stand alone indicator.

VIP Telegram Group

Connect with members to share ideas, settings, ask questions, and get inspired through discussions.

SL/TP Lines

Million Moves Algo shows you automatic stop-loss and take-profit zones. You can adjust the strength.

Adjust Settings

Toggle on/off your favorite features. Adjust the sensitivity and elevate your trading!

Trend Ribbon

The trend ribbon confirms the buy/sell signals, to take safer entries.

Orderblocks "Smart Money"

For additional confirmation, we use the inbuilt "Order Block" function in the Million Moves Algo.

Trend Dashboard

The build-in dashboard is one of its kind. Get a quick overview over the market.


Get stronger confirmations. Red for sell, green for buy and purple for sideways markets.

Everything is included in your membership.


Million Moves Gives You The Indicators and Strategies To Skyrocket Your Trading!

Yes, Million Moves Gives You The Indicators And Strategies You Need To Skyrocket Your Trading!


Elevate your Trades and

Get Your Indicator Access Today.

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Frequently asked questions.

Our automated process gives you access to all 5 Million Moves indicators on TradingView and the VIP Telegram group after your successful checkout. It takes 10-15 minutes to get the indicators activated, after your checkout.

Yes, of course. We have hundreds of members on our VIP Telegram server, posting their profits on a daily basis. The profits should work as motivation for you, as every person is individual. You always have to find your favorite trading assets, your favorite timeframe and settings.

No, you don’t need a paid plan on TradingView. The free plan on Tradingview works too.

Yes, the Million Moves Algo works on any chart that is supported by Tradingview. Mainly we use it for forex, indices, crypto, gold and stocks. 

Yes, the Million Moves Algo works on the Tradingview website and on the Tradingview App. It’s supported for Android and IOS.

Yes, watch our full tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaBFB643ucM

And you can find more tutorials and strategies here: https://docs.million-moves.com/million-moves-docs

Or read our documentation here: https://docs.million-moves.net

Yes, we provide support.  As a non-member, please send an email to community@million-moves.com

No, it is not for Metatrader. Our indicators work exclusively on the Tradingview website and the Tradingview mobile app for Android and IOS. We analyze the chart on tradingview, wait for an entry-setup and execute the trade at the broker or MetaTrader. But we have techniques to send automated signals from the Million Moves Algo to Metatrader 4 and 5. Our staff can assist you with the information after  your signup.

Yes, because it shows you exactly where the trend is at the moment. Often beginners make the mistake of entering against the trend. The Algo helps you to stay with the trend. 

The Million Moves Algo indicator is reliable with lower and higher timeframes. Like 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, 4 hours, daily, and even on the weekly chart. Just adjust your sensitivity in the settings of the indicator and you are all set up.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by yourself through your member dashboard. Or send us an email to community@million-moves.com with your request and we will process it the same day.

It’s simple! You can share your ideas and settings with other Million Moves members or get inspiration for your setup. Ask questions and participate in discussions.

No. All our indicators are non-repainting – That’s what we are most proud of. Once the signal candle is closed, the signal stays, otherwise, it would be a useless indicator.

Yes, we accept USDT TRC20. You can directly checkout and select crypto as  payment option. It’s fully automated. 

Million moves

The #1 indicators to skyrocket your trading.

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